Windshield Notes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Published on 02/17/2018

Road rage is without a doubt an increasingly dangerous problem. With smaller instances of road rage, there sometimes comes that infamous “note”, aka “the windshield note.” Apparently, windshield notes have become a common (and popular) way for drivers to communicate with each other, especially when they are trying to avoid those not-so-friendly confrontations or having to rely on your auto insurance company to take care of any damages left behind. Let’s take a look at these hilarious notes that people found on their vehicles!

Caps Lock For Emphasis:

Well, yes this is quite sarcastic. However, it seems as though whoever wrote this note was in good spirits. Because hey, why dwell on a terrible parking job when you can become a movie star, even if it’s for a couple minutes.

Caps Lock For Emphasis

Caps Lock For Emphasis

It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time:

“Less expensive than having it towed.” Okay, this is true but how considerate can it be to smear peanut butter over someone’s windshield? Apparently whoever left this sticky, but tasty, note was upset and had a lot of peanut butter in their car, or at least near by. When in doubt, let it out (with peanut butter).

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Call Me Maybe:

Here’s a windshield note influenced by 2012’s hit pop song Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Try reading the note without singing the song, it’s not as easy as it seems.

Almost A Rhyme

Call Me Maybe?

Dear Blue BMW,:

Okay yes, maybe the rich man should learn how to park, but why involve poor little grandma? This note speaks two truths 1) parking lessons are necessary and 2) deep breathes, it’s just a bad parking job.

Learn To Park Rich Dude

Dear Blue BMW

The Painted Note:

What a knee slapper this one is! It’s a bummer just to receive a handwritten note, but a note written in paint that covers your entire windshield, well that’s just no fun. At least it isn’t peanut butter!

LOLZ For Dayz

The Pained Note

Stranger, Not So Danger:

No need to get your panties in a bundle, because this harsh note has quite the fairy tale ending. As soon as the stranger read the note, they immediately replied with an apology note, plus an envelope filled with quite a generous “I’m sorry” compensation.

Hey Stranger

Stranger, Not So Danger

The Skill Master:

Here, we have one of the more intense notes left on a windshield. This person sounds scarier than an angry Chuck Norris!


Skill Master


Straight to the point with this note. Not much more to say, except #THEPARKINGCHRONICLES.

Take The Bus


More Mad or Madden:

A poetic masterpiece gone wrong? Nah, let’s keep it just the way it is and appreciate it for all it’s beauty, grammatically correct or not.

Dont Make People Doubt Their Grammar

More Mad or Madden?


Who can get upset with Mickey Mouse? Not sure if Mr. Disney would approve of his cartoon on this card, but look how cute he looks even with his little middle finger in the air.

Mickey Joins The Party

Mickey Mouse

Hate You, Z:

At least ‘Z’ started the note with thank you. Saying please and thank you is always a must, even if you have a big blue truck to park.

Dear Driver

Hate You, Z


It’s my world and everyone else is just living in it. Possibly this terrible parker’s license plate?

Windshield Glory


When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go:

Again, not much to say here. Seems like a very good reason to not get a ticket.

An Appeal To Us All

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

A Thumbs Down from Facebook:

If Facebook disapproves, then we know it’s serious. And from what is else is written on the note, I don’t think this driver should park near this person ever again.

Facebook Button Approved

A Thumbs Down From Facebook

Coloring Time:

Ouch! Being compared to a child who can’t stay in the lines doesn’t feel so good. At least they refrained from cursing with their sarcastic note.

Turtle Turtle

Coloring Time


Which note would you rather get? Better yet, which note would you have written? Either way, this guy should probably fix his alarm ASAP.

Two Kinds Of People


The Diagram:

The combination of a typed note and a diagram, a very thought out diagram, probably indicates that you have pissed someone off. Exhibit A (see image below). However, as crazy as this note may be, at least there is a helpful diagram showing the driver exactly how to get it right for the next time.

Word Doc

Word Doc

Too Tired To Tow:

When the yawns start to kick in, all you can do/think about is sleep. He may be a terrible parker, but today, he’s also a lucky parker.

You Got Lucky

Terrible But Lucky Parker

Brr, That’s Cold:

No, no, no. This just isn’t right! though as a Chicago native, I can admit that when it is THAT cold outside, and shoveling is necessary, your brain tends to shut off and hey, an open spot is an open spot.

Thats Cold

Brr, That’s Cold

First Day of School Problems:

Dear Mr.Note Writer,
If you are going to write such a harsh note, please take into consideration that we are in a school parking lot. Next time you leave a note, let’s try and keep it PG. Thank you.

First Day Of School

First Day Of School Problems

Parking Instructions:

If this parker doesn’t understand how he can be a better parker after seeing this diagram, which includes instructions, then he should at least have the steps to showering down; “Lather, Rinse, Repeat.”


Parking Instructions

Sir T.Rex Knows Best:

Comparing this guys anti-theft car system (the functionality or lack of) to the Jurassic Park era is pretty clever. I guess if you are trying to tell someone that something is dated, then yeah, why not reference dinosaurs.

Sir T Rex Is On The Case

Sir T.Rex Knows Best

Tony Says:

If Tony says that the car bump was not his fault, then it’s not Tony’s fault. I don’t know, but if this note was left for me I think I would just give in and pay Tony…just saying.

Tony Says

Tony Says

Racers, Start Your Engines:

Seems like Mr.Speed Racer has very considerate, but tired neighbors. Waking up at 7:30 am by no choice of your own is definitely far from ideal.

Speed Racer

Speed Racer

Selfishly Selfish:

Nooo, the last part of this note is just every person’s nightmare. “May the fleas of a thousand camels invade your armpit.” Overall this is just super uncomfortable and not okay on many levels.

Self Centered

Self Centered

No Bad Park For You:

Well this is just a very silly note. I can’t tell if the note writer is nervous, excited, pissed, confused, etc. Either way, private property is private property.

Bad Park You

No Bad Park You

Sir, Your Car Alarm:

Getting one note is bad enough, but getting two notes, well yea that’s double bad. The alarm is not only bothersome to the community, but it’s also considered “noise pollution.”

Well Thats That

Sir, Your Car Alarm

The Parking Pig:

Comparing a person to a pig? Well, that isn’t very nice or relevant to the situation. On another note, this guy just landed himself a new nickname, “The Parking Pig.” Don’t forget to always look at the bright side of things.

Parking Pig

The Parking Pig

Jack from Budget:

Aren’t you just clever Mr. Jack from Budget. However, I will admit that I do dig your style and, I most likely would have done the same exact thing. But still, you hit my car and that’s not cool.

Clever Jack

Jack from Budget

Farewell Dear Ice Cream:

If this doesn’t hurt your heart, then clearly you are not an ice cream lover. In addition to being really annoyed with someone who double parks, you now have a cone with melted ice cream sitting on hot day! I really can’t think of a more “wah, wah” moment. RIP ice cream, I’m sure you were delicious.

Think Of The Ice Cream

Bye Bye Ice Cream


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