The Most Basic & Essential Life Ingredients to Flawless Skin

Published on 07/26/2019

Our face mirrors our overall health and well-being. Essentially, having beautiful skin is an attractive indicator of not just youthfulness and charming looks, but also good health. Sadly, the journey, to flawless skin isn’t easy, fun, or cheap… right? WRONG! It’s time to say goodbye to dermatologists and future breakouts, and hello to clearer skin! Here are some of the most basic and essential life ingredients to a more confident you!

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep:

Getting your “beauty sleep” is very much real, as it is necessary. Have you ever woken up with those not so lovely dark circles under your eyes? Well, guys and gals, unless you have a team of makeup artists ready to glam you up, then I would suggest hitting the hay earlier and making sure you get those Zzz’s. Lack of sleep can contribute to what doctors call periorbital hyperpigmentation, more commonly known as “raccoon eyes.” According to a research done in Sweden (2010), a group of participants was rated as more attractive after getting eight hours of sleep, compared to when they were running on six hours or less of sleep.

Sleep 2



Did you know that in addition to shedding pounds, adding muscle tone, or prepping for a marathon, regular (daily) exercise can also give you that healthy glowing look? There are endless subtle, yet visible, changes to revamp your body and psyche in ways that scientists are just beginning to uncover. The rewards of exercise include brighter/younger skin. Exercise also helps reduce stress, gives you more energy, add a natural glow to your complexion, and allows you to sleep better at night (also good for your skin). In fact, 72 hours after working out your body processes blood sugar more efficiently. Overall, working out will give you that extra “pep in your step”, clear up your skin, and build a more confident you!

Exercise 2


Moisturize Regularly:

Using a daily moisturizer helps slow down water loss, which strengthens and moisturizes your skin barrier. Maintaining your skin’s water content is essential, especially for healthy and more beautiful skin. With this in mind, many people apply moisturizer to their entire body, including their face, during the winter when the air is especially dry. The importance of being in touch with your skin and keeping it moist, is perhaps the most important step to treat dry skin.



Eat Less Sugar:

For all those dessert lovers out there, you won’t be too thrilled with this next key step. But hey, if you want flawless skin then it’s time to cut back on the sugar, unless you want to make the Dermatologist’s office your second home. Eating sugar isn’t only harmful to your waistline. Sugar could be aging to your face and cause inflammation in the body (and face) as well. Since sugar is highly acidic, it causes your blood sugar levels to rise that surge and plummet, leading to inflammation. And what’s the sign of inflammation? Breakouts. Avoiding refined and added sugars is key to preventing breakouts. Moreover, sugar = wrinkles. Sugar pretty much attacks the healthy collagen in your skin, which keeps your skin wrinkle-free. Lesson learned: when you get the sweet craving, we suggest eating foods containing natural sugars like fruits, dried fruits, and nuts.

Limit Sugar

Limit Sugar

Drink Lots of Water:

H20… I dare you to try and find one negative of drinking water, just one. We’ll save you some time, because there are zero negatives and an endless number of positives! In addition to water being the lifeline of the world, water is essential to deliver key nutrients to the skin cells and maintain the best skin moisture. Water restores the skin tissues, increasing its elasticity, in turn helping slow down wrinkles and fine lines aka it delays the appearance of signs of aging. Just think of water as being your skin’s best friend. Drinking water keeps your body and skin hydrated, leaving you with a lovely glistening complexion.

Water 2

Drink Water