Hair Care Hacks: 5 Brilliant Tips For Beautiful Hair Overnight That You Should Know

Published on 08/16/2022

Split ends again or a greasy roots? It doesn’t have to be, because with these simple tricks you can now get rid of hair problems while you sleep. Five ingenious tricks to make your hair really beautiful overnight.

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Hair Care Hacks: 5 Brilliant Tips For Beautiful Hair Overnight That You Should Know

For Shiny, Healthy Hair

When it comes to healthy hair, the first priority is always to provide it with sufficient moisture. And of course, you can apply it perfectly overnight since it then has enough time to penetrate the hair. Simply dampen your hair (or wash it normally beforehand) and then apply a night mask (also known as an overnight mask or leave-in treatment) to your hair. Tie in a bun and wake up with a perfect shine in eight hours. By the way: It is best to sleep on a towel so that the pillow does not get dirty.

Against Split Ends And Hair Breakage

You want to let your hair grow? Then split ends are probably your biggest hair nightmare. So that you can sleep peacefully again in the future and your hair doesn’t suffer, you should switch from a cotton or linen cover to a silk cover. As a result, the hair rubs less on the surface of the fabric – and also breaks and splits less.

More Defined Without Heat

If you’re naturally wavy or curly, there’s an easy way to define them overnight—all you really need is a t-shirt. Yes, right, a t-shirt! Wash your hair or wet it. Then add some mousse or curl spray to the strands. Lay the t-shirt on a table or surface and let your curls dangle upside down over the shirt. Then slowly head down and place your curls on top of each other – similar to a spiral. Then lay the body part of your shirt back over your head and tie the whole thing with the sleeves.

Less Hair Breakage

The general rule is: Never, never, never go to bed with your hair loose and wet. Then hair breakage is inevitable. If you don’t feel like blow-drying, you should definitely braid your hair into a braid. Great: the next morning your hair is dry, healthy and you even still have waves in your hair. Even with dry hair, it is advisable to braid a loose braid while you sleep. This creates less friction, the hair is compact and thus better protected against hair breakage, for example due to kinking.

For More Volume

Not everyone has time in the morning to quickly wash their hair again to ensure freshness and volume. So we resort to this simple trick: just put some dry shampoo on your hair. And not in the morning, but before going to bed (do not forget to comb out the leftovers, otherwise they will end up on the pillow). In this way, sebum is absorbed overnight and a flat and greasy approach is easily prevented