These Foods Are Bad For Your Skin

Published on 02/02/2022

Healthy diet = healthy skin. The formula for flawless, pure skin could be that simple. But unfortunately, it isn’t, because our skin’s appearance is influenced by many factors. Nevertheless: Our diet has an influence on our skin that should not be underestimated. So if you tend to get blackheads and pimples, you should pay more attention to a balanced diet – and reduce some foods better. In this article, we will tell you which foods are unnecessarily promoting skin blemishes.

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These Foods Are Bad For Your Skin

Dairy Products

Now all cheese lovers have to be strong: milk and dairy products such as quark, yogurt and yes, even cheese, are strongly suspected of promoting acne symptoms such as blackheads. But what are the causes of milk acne? Everything indicates that the hormones contained in cow’s milk could be responsible. If your skin is sensitive to dairy products, try alternatives. For example, soy, oat or almond drinks can be good substitutes. Observe how your skin reacts and try to adapt your diet step by step.


Foods high in sugar or refined carbohydrates have been shown to make acne worse. Our recommendation: The diet for acne should primarily contain foods with a high proportion of whole grains and lots of legumes. Products with refined sugar and white flour should be avoided in large quantities or greatly reduced consumption.


A headache isn’t the only side effect alcohol has on our bodies. Our skin is deprived of moisture by drinks containing alcohol. And here, too, there is a lot of hidden sugar, which, as described above, promotes skin aging. Incidentally, the blue-red nose comes from the fact that alcohol dilates the blood vessels.


We know from personal experience how difficult coffee addiction can be to shake off, but an overdose of caffeine also robs skin of moisture. This reduces collagen production, which affects the elasticity of the skin. If you can even limit your coffee consumption, you should always remember to drink enough water!

Fast Food

Nice and greasy and salty: two reasons why fast is so addictive and tastes delicious. But unfortunately, also the reasons why our blood sugar level is skyrocketing. In addition, the high salt content robs the body of moisture, which in turn leads to a sallow complexion. In addition, the fat promotes pimples, as the sebum production of the skin is stimulated. Fried foods in particular inhibit the body’s natural metabolism, which in turn leads to less oxygen in the blood and ultimately wrinkles.

Foods With High Glycemic Load

Various studies indicate that foods with a high glycemic load promote the formation of blackheads. Because the insulin released as a result of the high sugar has a stimulating effect on androgens. These sex hormones can boost sebum production and also affect the growth of cells that can lead to keratinization.