The Best Fitness Apps Of 2021

Published on 04/04/2021

Are you into fitness and a healthy lifestyle? Do you want to keep your body lean, healthy and strong? In this article, you will find the best fitness apps of 2021, that will help you to achieve your goals in no time and stay focused and disciplined.

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The Best Fitness Apps Of 2021

My Fitness Pal

The fitness app “My Fitness Pal” is the personal trainer on your phone. While using the app you can not only log in your food, but also your workouts. You can choose within a database of over 6 million food types, when it comes to writing down your meals. Once you download the app you can insert your goals and the app will offer you meal plans and recipes that will bring you nearer to your goal in no time. The app even has the meals of certain restaurants on their database. Once you logged in your meals, the app will evaluate what nutrition you had too much of and what you need to eat more of. The “My Fitness Pal” app also offers its user more than 350 workouts which are chosen exactly according to the users needs. If you are searching for an app, that offers you a great food tracker, as well as amazing recipes, food meals and workout plans than you should definitely give the “My Fitness Pal” a try!

Zones For Training

“Zones For Training” is an app that is mostly used with apple watches. This app is more suitable for well-trained people. This app offers a variety of training and workout plans. In contrary to other fitness apps, is this app mostly focused on workouts and less on food plans or recipes. Synchronized with your Apple Watch, this app will track your heart rate and your progress on your workouts and will give you feedback for it. The “Zones For Training” app is great for everyone who searches a technical private trainer, that offers you a different variety of workouts and give you feedback on it. Keep in mind that it works best, when you connect the app to your apple watch.


Now we have an amazing app, that mostly focused on food. The app “Fooducate” is one of the best apps, if you want to keep track of your food intake and nutrition facts. The app gives you the opportunity to put in your goals and the app will provide you with meal plans, food tips and hundreds of healthy recipes. The app even has a barcode scan, that lest you simply scan the products you buy and the app will tell you exactly which nutrients the food contains. The app will also offer you healthy recipes you can cook with this food. The “Fooducate” food is an amazing app for everyone who needs to keep their food income on track.


The fitness app “Glo” is the perfect app for yoga lovers! The app offers daily yoga classes, meditation tips and tricks as well as Pilates classes. The classes are suitable from beginners to advanced yogis and taught by some of the best yoga teachers around the world. The app is connectable to your Apple Watch and even usable when you are not connected to the internet/wifi. This app is great for everyone who needs some relaxing but toning workouts and some good positive energy in their lives.