Why You Should Do A Plank Every Day

Published on 04/07/2020
Why You Should Do A Plank Every Day

Why You Should Do A Plank Every Day

Exercising is a must for a healthy lifestyle, we all know that. However, when do we actually have time to exercise every single day? That tends to be impossible most of the time, what with everything else going on in our lives. However, there are still little exercises you can do just about anywhere that are great for you. Aside from needing no equipment, these exercises also take very little time to be effective. One exercise like that is, of course, the plank. It’s a classic move to tone the abs among other core muscles that are vital for our health. If you aren’t too keen on the move or don’t understand what the hype is about, we’re going to explain just why you should take a minute or two every day to do a plank.

Improve Core Definition and Performance

Planks are known to be ideal for the abs. While that’s true, it extends further than that: planks are great for all the major core muscles. It’s important to strengthen all the muscles since each one has its own purpose and can help you in different ways. For instance, strengthening your transverse abdominis will increase your ability to lift heavier weights, while strengthening the oblique muscles will improve your capacity for stable side-bending and waist-twisting.

Decrease Risk of Injury in Back and Spinal Column

Doing a plank is the type of exercise that allows you to build muscle without putting too much pressure on your spine or hips. According to studies done, doing planks on a regular basis will significantly reduce back pain, strengthen the muscles, and ensure strong support for the entire back.

Increase Metabolism

Doing a plank is a great way to challenge your entire body. Doing one every day will burn more calories than normal ab exercises like crunches. This specific exercise will ensure you burn more energy even when you’re sedentary.

Improve Posture

Planking exercises have a significant impact on your posture. Having good posture keeps your bones and joints in the correct alignment, meaning that both your bones and joints will be better maintained and healthier with a healthy posture.

Improve Overall Balance

Having a strong core is essential for good balance. By doing planks or side planks every day, your core will slowly grow stronger and help you be able to keep your balance.