5 Biggest Color Trends for Spring/ Summer 2020

Published on 03/10/2020

Want to keep up with the latest color trends? Spring is a season full of rejuvenation and joy, so this is a great time to alter your look.  All the new and stylish chic colors for Spring/ Summer 2020 are full of style and zest.
Keep scrolling for some of the hottest color trends of the year that you will definitely be seeing everywhere.

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5 Biggest Color Trends for Spring/ Summer 2020


Soft Spring colors are an excellent way to shift your style into the warmer season. Beautiful tones of salmon, scarlet, or even lavender are the upcoming season’s must-haves to freshen up your wardrobe. These colors are not only mood enhancing but will also give your look the youthful, energetic feel we all wish to have.


Another very popular color this Spring/ Summer season is stunning shades of green. Richer tones like chive or emerald are definitely essential for this summer season. These distinctive but fresh hues can easily be paired well with other colors to create your unique style.


Feeling a little more adventurous? Although many shades of yellow have been big over the past few seasons, the powerful and flamboyant orangey-yellow color will no doubt add a bold touch to your outfit. Yellow is often a hue that represents optimism and positivity, which is precisely why yellow is the most exciting shade of the season.


Blue is always a ‘must have’ color, no matter the season. So it makes sense that so many people love to have various blue items of clothing in their wardrobe. Not only is it an easy color to wear but it also can be effortlessly worn with nearly anything and everything. Blue can be paired with any pair of jeans or even with various other vibrant and bold colors of the season, especially if you’re after that ever so chic look.


Classic yet striking. White is a color that forever brightens our mood specifically during the warmer months that are filled with sunshine. Conveying a message of simplicity and innovation. You can never go wrong with this clean, crisp color.