Top Hair Tips To Looking Younger

Published on 07/20/2019

From short locks to long waves and let’s not forget hair nowadays comes in every imaginable color…blonde, brunette, even cotton candy…everyone has their hairstyle preference. Hairstyles characterize a person, making them stand out amongst others. Ah, the wonders of a fresh hairstyle can give you a more youthful look or even for some, an older or more sophisticated appearance. So, why undergo cosmetic or plastic surgery, when you can change so much with a simple new hairdo!


Medium Auburn Bob With Layers

Emma Stone | Auburn Bob With Layers

Shiny Strands:

Give your hair a nice, soft shiny glow by adding a small amount of serum to the ends of your hair. Feeling a bit adventurous? For brunettes, try adding some slight blonde highlights to really make your hairstyle shine bright. Saying bye to those dull, lackluster strands has never been easier!

Soft Bangs:

Give your face a softer, more youthful appearance with soft, wispy bangs. If you want even more dimension, just swoop those bangs off to the side.

Classy Layered Bob Haircut

Soft Bangs

The Braid:

The braid is back and stronger than ever! Braids are definitely not just for little girls. Mature women can 100% pull off the braid, as well. Whether it’s a fishtail braid, a side swoop braid, a messy, loose braid, or just your classic straight braid, they’re in and a classic hairstyle for all women no matter the age.


Fishtail Braid



Chestnut Chocolate Highlights:

It’s not your age that makes you feel older…in reality, it’s your hairstyle. Highlights can be a great solution for giving you that younger, more vibrant look and feel. The mix of chestnut or chocolate highlights can radiate that lighter look instantly. Time to book an appointment at the hair salon, highlights here we come!

Chestnut Color Or Chocolate Color With Highlights

Chestnut/Chocolate Highlights

Choppy Layers:

Choppy layers, we’re talking uneven layers here. But hey, who said that was a bad thing? Choppy layers give your hair some extra volume, making it feel full and luscious. Here a helpful hint about choppy layers: consider the length. The side shouldn’t be more than 1/2 an inch shorter than the back of your hair, to ensure all sides are proportional.


The Classic Bob:

Next up, the classic bob! Just like all trends, the bob is back and women are rocking it now, more than ever. The classic bob’s distinct layers help frame your face. It’s important to go to an experienced stylist, who understands how to approach, “bob layering”.

Classic Bob

Classic Bob