4 Anti-Zombie Tips: Fit At Work Despite Little Sleep

Published on 10/04/2021

Did you sleep badly? Did your children wake you up at night because they were afraid of the thunderstorm? Did the exciting Sunday night crime thriller keep you in front of the television for too long, so that the alarm clock actually goes off too early? Or maybe you were just celebrating your best friend’s birthday for too long? Regardless of why you have one of those though “zombie working days” where leaden tiredness turns even routine tasks into a challenge – we now have ten practical tips for you on how you can get through the working day fit.

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4 Anti-Zombie tips: Fit At Work Despite Little Sleep


Incidentally, you can supplement – or, if necessary, replace – the effects of coffee with yoga. The so-called “sun salutation” is a sequence of simple movements that get the circulation going and give you an incredible freshness in the morning. So if you still have a little time before you go to the office, get out your yoga mat and try the following video instructions:

Fresh Air

Yoga is not your thing or you want to go one better? Then why not leave your car in the garage today and grab your bike or just run to work if the distance allows. The fresh air and exercise will put an end to your tiredness. At least for an hour or two.

Quickly Out Of Bed

When the alarm goes off in the morning after too little sleep, it is tempting to use the snooze function first. Five or ten minutes more sleep – nothing sounds more heavenly to you right now. And should you finally be reasonably awake after the third or fourth ring of the alarm clock, lie in bed with your eyes open, staring at the ceiling and bathe in self-pity about how incredibly tired you are today and what long day lies ahead of you. It goes without saying that the motivation to get up sinks to a minimum. So approach it like you would with a band-aid when you get up: quickly and painlessly. The alarm goes off, you swing out of bed and before you even notice how tired you are, you are almost under the (preferably cold) shower. A practical trick for this is to simply set up your (cell phone) alarm clock out of reach of the bed, so you have to get up in the morning to switch off the annoying beeping.

Light Snacks Instead Of Heavy Meals

Your greatest enemy on a day is of course the midday low. If your energy level is already at plus-minus zero, how much lower can it sink? So that you are not finally stuck in idleness after the lunch break, you should avoid the hearty lunch in the canteen today and instead be satisfied with light meals and small snacks for in between. It is also advisable to eat just enough that your growling stomach is quiet, but you are not completely satisfied. Because satiety means tiredness – and you have enough of that in your luggage today.